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BetGoals is Official Sponsor of the Liga das Minas

BetGoals, a sports betting platform created by the leading iGaming Platform technology solutions provider, proudly announces an exciting partnership with Liga das Minas, a renowned tournament in the EA Sports FC 24 eSports game (formerly known as FIFA), exclusively focused on female players. BetGoals commits to being the official sponsor of the Liga das Minas tournament, reinforcing its dedication to fostering gender equality in the thrilling world of eSports.


Revolutionizing Women's Participation in eSports

Organized by SMPlay, Liga das Minas was established with a clear vision of providing opportunities for women to develop their professional careers in eSports and enjoy competitive experiences with full safety and community support. Often facing biases, female players are not as warmly welcomed in mixed-gender tournaments. This groundbreaking initiative aims to change that reality by building an inclusive space for players and fans.


Seasonal Success and Future Prospects

The first season of Liga das Minas began in March 2023 and saw tremendous audience success with over 850,000 views during the five stages. Due to this popularity, the second season is already underway, promising even more competitive action and entertainment for EAFC 24 enthusiasts.


Live Coverage and Community Engagement

The Liga das Minas tournament is livestreamed on SMPlayTV, Thatagamerx, and Caroldoch channels on the popular streaming platform, Twitch, featuring specialized commentators and narrators. Additionally, the tournament is committed to creating content that appeals to casual players and dedicated enthusiasts of EAFC, Twitch, Gaming, and eSports.


Pioneering Collaboration for Inclusivity

João Guilherme, Head of Operations at SMPlay, emphasizes: "The partnership between BetGoals and SMPlay in Liga das Minas marks a milestone in the fusion of betting, gaming, and inclusion. This collaboration revolutionizes how we perceive the eSports ecosystem. Liga das Minas gains strength and assumes the leading role in uniting 2 passions: betting and competitions. This is the perfect example to show that in the gaming industry, there is room for everyone."


Building an Inclusive Future in eSports

Bogdan Andries, CEO of BetGoals, highlights: "We enthusiastically celebrate our partnership with Liga das Minas. We take great pleasure in joining an initiative with such a clear and innovative mission that promotes gender equality. At BetGoals, we believe everyone can play with support, safety, and responsibility. Together, we are building a more inclusive and exciting future for everyone in the world of eSports and iGaming."


Promoting Gender Equality in eSports

This partnership between BetGoals and Liga das Minas represents a significant milestone in promoting gender equality in eSports and strengthens the commitment of both parties to creating an inclusive and thrilling environment for women in the world of electronic gaming.


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About SMPlay

SMPlay is a casual Cash Game platform and producer of game and eSports content. SMPlay is the creator of FIFA and EAFC championships such as SMRank, Road to Cup, and Liga das Minas.


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BetGoals is Official Sponsor of the Liga das Minas

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