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AffPapa and BetGoals enter a new affiliate partnership

BetGoals, known for its wide variety of exciting casino games and extremely fast gaming environment, has been dedicated to providing rewarding experiences to players and partners. Its affiliate program, BetGoals Affiliates, stands out for offering top-level benefits to its partners, including the best affiliate managers, fast payments, optimized conversion, and high commissions.


Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

BetGoals prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction in all its operations. Whether through its exciting casino games or exceptional support to affiliates, the company seeks to offer a high-level experience in all aspects of its services.


Innovation and Cutting-Edge Technology

With a customer-centric approach and a commitment to innovation, BetGoals constantly seeks to integrate cutting-edge technologies into its platform. This ensures an exciting and secure gaming experience for all users, as well as providing a conducive environment for affiliate growth.


Strategic Partnership: BetGoals and AffPapa

Through its partnership with AffPapa, BetGoals gains access to a wide network of affiliates in the iGaming sector, offering an opportunity to connect and increase casino traffic.


Strengthening Market Reach and Presence

Collaboration with AffPapa allows BetGoals to expand its reach and presence in the iGaming market. By connecting with prominent affiliates, the company strengthens its position as one of the leading destinations for sports betting and online casino games.


Bogdan Andries, CEO of BetGoals, stated:


"We are proud to announce BetGoals' latest partnership with AffPapa, a leading company dedicated to iGaming affiliate services. I can confidently say that this collaboration is a game-changer for our sports betting platform, thanks to AffPapa's seamless connectivity with top-tier affiliates, which will expand the reach of our portal, allowing us to offer an even more comprehensive experience to our users. This partnership reaffirms our commitment to offering high-quality products and services, and we are excited about the opportunities and results it will bring to BetGoals and our affiliates."


Yeva Avagyan, Commercial Director of AffPapa, commented:


"We are very pleased with the partnership with BetGoals and welcome the team to our AP directory. BetGoals' dedication to providing a seamless and rewarding gaming experience aligns perfectly with our vision. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration that will benefit both parties and the iGaming community at large."


For more information, visit the BetGoals website at and the AffPapa website at

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